A Complete Guide on Eco4 Scheme, What You Need to Know!

A Complete Guide on Eco4 Scheme, What You Need to Know!

ECO4 is a government-backed scheme to use less energy and lower bills by offering financial support for energy-saving improvements for homes in Great Britain. The scheme helps to fight climate change and lower carbon emissions of houses in the UK.

In the post, we at Free Boiler Grant cover everything you need about the ECO4 scheme. We will also review the Eco4 funding highlights, eligibility requirements, and application process.

What Are ECO4 Grants, And What Do They Cover?

In 2013, the government introduced the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. There have been several phases to the UK Government’s Eco Scheme; the last one, ECO4, will begin in July 2022 and last through March 2026. These government eco grants offer financial support to install energy-saving measures for low-income and vulnerable or fuel-poor households in Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) bands D-G.

ECO4 Grant Scotland Scheme Covers

The ECO4 scheme offers a range of energy efficiency measures throughout England, Scotland and the UK such as:

  1. Insulation includes loft insulation, insulation between exterior walls (EWI), and insulation between interior walls (IWI).
  2. Systems for renewable energy, such as air source heat pumps and solar panels.
  3. Heating systems: boiler replacement (only non-condensing boilers). And central heating systems.

Who Is Eligible for The ECO4 Scheme in Scotland and Wales, UK?

If you are a private tenant, or homeowner in Stirling and Cardiff, UK, and receiving qualifying benefits listed below, you qualify for ECO4 energy grants.

One may access ECO4:

1. Private tenants or homeowners
2. Those who get income-related benefits
3. Properties with ineffective heating systems and poor EPC ratings

If you are claiming benefits, a DWP check is performed to confirm your benefits status and eligibility for the ECO4 Scheme.

1. Housing Benefit
2. Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance
3. Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
4. Income Support
5. Pension Credit
6. Tax Credits (Child & Working Tax Credit)
7. Universal Credit

If you receive Child Benefit, your eligibility for ECO4 will depend on specific household income requirements.

You can access ECO4 funding through Local Authority Eligibility Flexibility

Those who live in the most energy-inefficient houses in the UK but do not receive benefits still have hope. With the flexible eligibility (LAFlex) initiative, which certain councils support, you may be eligible for the program.

LA Flex aims for:
• People who are in fuel poverty
• Those who are more vulnerable and at risk in the winter

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you believe your local authority may be involved and you could be qualified for eco4 energy grants in Manchester, UK.

How can I Apply for the Eco4 Scheme in the UK?

Free Boiler Grant installs energy efficiency measures in homes throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. It takes less than 30 seconds to complete the easy application procedure. The first step is to fill out an application. After evaluating your property, we will advise you on the best action and present your options. We do an energy evaluation of your property and a free inspection of the insulation and ventilation as part of the procedure.

Following your first evaluation, our staff member will send you a customized report with an estimated cost and benefit estimate for the suggested measures. If you’re ready, we’ll set up a surveyor’s appointment to come out and take a closer look at your property.

What are the benefits of ECO Grants for UK Residents?

The ECO4 initiative is an excellent method to reduce your energy costs and increase the comfort and affordability of heating your house. The Eco4 Scheme benefits include:
1. Increasing your property’s worth
2. Increasing the energy and environmental efficiency of your house
3. Cutting down on carbon emissions
4. contributing to environmental protection.
5. if you qualify, you can cover all of the expenditures associated with improving your energy efficiency.
Visit our website or get in touch with one of our helpful team members to learn more about the ECO4 scheme and how it may help you. We’re always glad to assist you! What are you waiting for then?
Contact us right now, and we’ll assist you in making the most of the ECO Scheme before it ends.

Apply Now!

For further information about your application, call our team at 44 161 706 1605. Your property qualifies for ECO4 funding in North amptonshire and all over Manchester. We will do a phone evaluation with you to see whether you are eligible.

Alternatively, you may complete our online ECO4 scheme eligibility application.


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