Apply For Central Heating Grants under ECO4 Scheme

Apply For Central Heating Grants under ECO4 Scheme

.UK Landlords who rent their homes can get Free Central Grants installation grants across England, Wales, and Scotland. The properties that do not have, and have not previously had, a central heating system. A new central heating system must have a central heating boiler connected to radiators that heat the house. To be eligible for the heating grants, contact us now at Free Boiler Grants.

Free Heating Grants for Landlords – Qualifying Requirements

Installing the new central heating system must meet the qualifying criteria in residential buildings that do not currently have one and have never had one installed.

Your renter will be eligible for the Central Heating Grants for Landlords in one of two ways. They meet the requirements under the ECO Flex Rules, which are listed below, OR they receive one of the eligible State Benefits, Tax Credits, or Other Allowances.

  1. Tenants must rent the property from a private landlord to be eligible for the Central Heating Grants for Landlords program. It is not the landlord who is applying but the renter.
  2. Central Heating Grants are only available to private renters in dwellings with an EPC rating of E, F, or G. To view your home’s EPC rating in England and Wales, visit our website.
  3. Grants for central heating are NOT available under this section of the ECO Scheme for shared ownership, housing associations, or local government-owned properties.
Your rental property must have either none at all or one of the following to be eligible for the Central Heating Grants For Landlords
  1. Electric room heaters include direct-acting, fan, or inefficient electric storage heaters.
  2. Gas room heaters: Fixed mains gas room heaters fall under this category.
  3. Gas fire with back boiler: Homes with a gas fire connected to a back boiler are also eligible.
  4. Solid fossil fuel fire with back boiler: You meet the criteria if your home relies on a solid fossil fuel fire with a back boiler.
  5. Electric underfloor or ceiling heating: Electric underfloor or ceiling heating systems (excluding electric boilers) are considered.
  6. Bottled LPG room heating: Homes using bottled LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) for room heating qualify.
  7. Solid fossil fuel room heaters: This category covers homes with reliable fuel room heaters.
  8. Wood/biomass room heating: Homes with wood or biomass heating systems are eligible.
  9. Oil room heaters: You meet the criteria if your home relies on oil room heaters.

Free Central Heating System UK, How can I apply as a Homeowner?

If you do not have a heating system or if your system does not have a boiler and radiators, you are eligible for the free grant. Your grant application will be approved if any property resident receives one or more qualifying state benefits, such as child benefits or universal credit.

Our application form includes a comprehensive list of these state benefits that qualify. If the home meets the requirements of the ECO Flex regulations, there could be exceptions to this rule in specific circumstances.

To be eligible for the Central Heating Grant Scheme in Glasgow and Stirling, Scotland, candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Owner of Property.
  2. Private renters need permission from the landlord.
  3. The existing boiler must be more than fifteen years old.
  4. Your property has to have a gas supply.

If I don’t receive one of the qualifying advantages, may I still apply for First Time Central Heating?

Even if you do not get relevant benefits, you may still be eligible for first-time central heating payments under the ECO Scheme’s ECO Flex Rules. The main methods for being eligible are:

  1. The family’s annual income is less than £31,000
  2. In the house are two vulnerable individuals.
  3. Three medical diseases that reside in a chilly house exacerbate each other.
  4. Local governments may recommend installing a first-time central heating system in a home if it satisfies their ECO Flex standards.

Local governments establish ECO Flex Rules for residences located inside their boundaries. Homeowners who struggle to heat their homes adequately and do not get one of the advantages above may be eligible for the ECO Flex central heating grants for landlords.


If you, as a homeowner, private tenant, or landlord, meet the criteria for the ECO scheme. The Free Boiler Grant can facilitate a free. No-obligation survey conducted by an approved ECO installer in your local area, even if you do not qualify for a central heating grant. 

We can offer assistance through various energy efficiency measures.  Such as applying for boiler replacements and insulation grants. And helping you move towards installing a complete central heating and boiler system on your property.


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