Claim Your Free A-Rated Boiler: ECO4 Scheme Home Efficiency Solution

Claim Your Free A-Rated Boiler: ECO4 Scheme Home Efficiency Solution

The government’s ECO4 scheme aims to provide free A-rated boiler replacements for UK homes experiencing fuel poverty and low incomes. With the most cutting-edge technology and an efficiency rating of up to 100%, the majority of modern boilers are A-rated, indicating their exceptional energy efficiency.

The good news is that the ECO4 Grant may be able to provide free A-rated boilers to homeowners that meet certain requirements. Even if your old boiler is still operating, you should be aware that it is energy-inefficient and wasteful, adding to your family expenses and leaving a larger carbon footprint.

Whether you are eligible for the free boiler grant or not, it is helpful to know why replacing your outdated boiler as soon as possible is essential. We’ll go over the requirements for receiving a free A-rated boiler with the ECO4 below, as well as the numerous advantages of replacing your outdated boiler with a brand-new, cutting-edge, A-rated boiler that uses less energy.

A-Rated Boilers: What Are They?

Do you know your home’s EPC rating? You could be asking yourself why it matters at all. The following is displayed on the Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC rating:

  • Your home’s energy-efficient features
  • How much carbon dioxide is released from your house
  • The amount of money you could save by renovating your house
  • Ways to raise your EPC rating

As you can see, by lowering your carbon footprint, your EPC rating will help both you and the environment. From A, which is extremely energy efficient, to G, which is not, is the range of the EPC rating.

Energy-related Products, or ERP for short, gauges how energy-efficient a boiler is at heating a house. ErP assigns ratings to appliances ranging from G to A and A+++ for particular categories, where A+++ is the highest possible rating. 90% or higher efficiency is the standard for A+rated boilers. It is crucial to understand that older boilers often have an efficiency of just 60–70% and are very expensive to operate and repair. Replacing your outdated boiler with a new, highly efficient A-rated boiler might save you hundreds of pounds.

What Are The Advantages Of A Boiler With An A Rating?

We’ve shown that saving money is one of the main advantages of receiving a brand-new, free A-rated boiler through the ECO4 program. Still, there are plenty of other excellent reasons to upgrade to an A-rated boiler, such as the following:

Your home’s carbon emissions will be lower when you replace an old or damaged boiler with a new, energy-efficient A-rated boiler since it will use a lot less energy to heat. Future generations and our world will both tremendously benefit from this.

Lower income households that are experiencing fuel poverty will see a significant increase in their standard of living. At a reasonable price, you may maintain a cosy and warm house.

The fact that most modern boilers are smaller than older models can also assist you make more room in your house. Your property will have an improved EPC rating, which could raise its overall value.

Requirements to Get an ECO4 A-Rated Boiler in 2024

To be eligible for a free A-rated grill grant under the EC04 scheme, you have to fulfil certain requirements. The ECO4 program aims to increase energy efficiency and improve living conditions for vulnerable and low-income households. Generally speaking, qualifying households are those that receive specific advantages like:

Although owner-occupied homes are the primary target of the ECO4 program, people who rent or live in social housing and who experience fuel poverty and have landlord consent may also be eligible.

Additional requirements consist of:

  1. An Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC grade of D, E, F, or G for homeowners, is a requirement for your house.
  2. Your house must have an EPC rating of E, F, or G if you rent privately.
  3. If you reside in public housing, your house needs to have an EPC rating of D. 

If you are in England or Wales, you can check your EPC rating here; if you reside in Scotland, you can check it here. Enhancing your home’s EPC rating and raising the overall value of your property can be achieved by installing a free A-rated boiler with an ECO4 free boiler grant.

With ECO4, find out if you qualify for a free A-rated boiler right now!

The ECO4 initiative is available to UK residents who meet the requirements; however, applications must be submitted through an energy supplier. Whether you are a landlord, tenant, or homeowner looking to increase the energy efficiency of your property, everyone has a right to warmth and comfort in their house.

Free Boiler Grant is a registered Gas Safe installer and  approved installer. In addition to offering first-rate central heating and boiler replacements, we also offer cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation, floor insulation, loft and rafter insulation, heating systems, and more. We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

For further information about your options and to apply for the ECO scheme, get in touch with us. Alternatively, you can apply online for ECO funding.


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