Free Boiler & Heating Grants: What You Need to Know?

Free Boiler & Heating Grants: What You Need to Know?

Grants for heating are available to help with the cost of a complete central heating system or an eco4 boiler replacement scheme. The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO), a government-backed scheme, includes first-time central heating grants.

Free Boiler Grants 2024

If you fulfill the requirements listed below, Free Boiler Grants may set you up with a free, no-obligation survey from a local, certified ECO installation near me. We can assist you even if you are not eligible for a grant. Central heating grants for the UK also be used to replace electric storage heaters that are broken or inefficient. To learn more, go here.
To learn more about your eligibility for eco grants, go here.

Who Qualifies for First Time Central Grants Scotland?

Heating grants are a valuable resource for homeowners looking to improve their heating systems, but understanding the qualifications is crucial. To be eligible for a Boiler Grant, the primary requirement is that you must be a homeowner. Unfortunately, private tenants and landlords no longer qualify for this specific grant.
The good news is that Central Heating Grants are more inclusive, as they can be claimed by a broader range of individuals, including homeowners, private tenants, and landlords. Yet, to meet the criteria, someone residing in the property must be receiving one or more of the specified income or disability-related benefits. These benefits act as an indicator of financial need and help direct assistance to those who may face challenges in affording heating upgrades. It’s essential to note that while these grants offer substantial support, a contribution towards the cost may be necessary in some cases. The amount of work needed and the existing efficiency of the property are factors influencing this contribution.
While Boiler Grants are exclusive to homeowners, Central Heating Grants cater to a broader audience, encompassing homeowners, private tenants, and landlords. The key factor in eligibility remains the receipt of specific income or disability-related benefits by someone residing in the property.

Qualifying Benefits

1 Child Tax Credit
2 Housing Benefit
3 Income-Based JSA
4 Income-Related ESA
5 Income Support
6 Pension Credit Savings Credit
7 Pension Guarantee Credit
8 Universal Credit
9 Warm Home Discount Scheme Rebate
10 Working Tax Credit
11 Child Benefit

Which System Is Eligible for a Heating Grant?

If your current boiler is more than fifteen years old and you have central heating. You may be eligible for a grant to help with the expense of replacing it. If there isn’t presently a system installed, heating grants are also available for the installation of complete central heating systems.
Under the eco4 scheme, more energy-efficient types can also be used in place of electric storage heaters.

What if you find that you don’t qualify for a grant?

There are still options available to help you improve your heating system. Our Installers can assist you with Green Deal finance, which is a type of loan repaid through savings on your heating bills. This means you can make necessary upgrades without a significant upfront cost. If you don’t meet the criteria for a grant, Free Boiler Grants can arrange a free, no-obligation survey and quote for a new boiler or central heating system. Additionally, finance options may be available, subject to your financial status.

Wondering how Free Boiler Grants can assist you further?

We can connect you with an approved installer in your local area who has access to boiler and heating grant funding as well as the Green Deal. If financing is the route you prefer, they can help with that too.
We have been instrumental in helping thousands of customers claim grants for Home Insulation and Central Heating. Our understanding of the industry and dedication to connecting you with the right professionals makes us a reliable resource for your heating improvement needs. If grants aren’t an option for you, we’re here to guide you toward alternative solutions that suit your circumstances.


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