No Central Heating? Here’s How to Get a Free Heating Grant

No Central Heating? Here’s How to Get a Free Heating Grant

You may be eligible for a free grant if your home is without central heating. The UK government has an ECO Scheme to assist homeowners in installing central heating for the first time at Free Boiler Grants. Apply Now to receive ECO funding for a new energy-efficient boiler and central heating in Cardiff and Dundee.

To be eligible for a first-time central heating grant across England, Scotland, and Wales, you must meet a few requirements. To determine if you qualify for a significant heating grant, complete our eligibility form, and we will contact you.

Please refer to the complete list of qualifying heating types below if you do not have a central heating system or if your system does not include a boiler and radiators

Income: Your household’s annual income must be less than £31,000 to qualify. Whether you live alone or with others, this sum applies to everyone residing in the same home.

Benefits: To be eligible for a first-time central heating grant in Newport, Dorset, and Devon, you must receive benefits. You can qualify for a variety of advantages, such as:

  1. Pension Credit 
  2. Universal Credit
  3. Income-based Jobseekers allowance 
  4. Income-related Employment & Support Allowance 
  5. Income Support 
  6. Housing Benefit
  7. Tax Credits (Child or Working Tax Credit)

Energy Efficiency: There is a minimum standard of energy efficiency that your house must meet. A Certificate of Energy Efficiency (EFC) will be the format for this. Your home is less energy efficient the lower the rating. Your property must have an energy efficiency grade of D, E, F, or G to qualify for a first-time central heating grant in Wales.

Heating Type: Your property cannot currently have central heating installed. Those who do not already have access to heating grants in their houses are intended to benefit from the eco grant UK.

Gas Connection: To qualify for government grants for central heating systems in the UK. Your home must install a secure gas connection before April 2022. This is important for safety and reliability. The grants aim to promote safe, efficient, and affordable heating.

Property Ownership: These grants are for first-time recipients and are available to homeowners and private tenants. If you’re a landlord, you can inquire about the grant for your tenant, but eligibility is based on the tenant, as they are responsible for the energy bills.

This initiative is part of the UK government’s ECO4 scheme, designed to meet Net Zero targets by enhancing the energy efficiency of homes, ultimately reducing overall energy consumption nationwide.

Am I Eligible For a Central Heating Grant UK?

You must fulfill the following requirements to qualify for the first-time central heating grant in Scotland, Wales, and England.

  1. Either you or a private landlord must be the owner of the residence.
  2. Your house must not presently have grants installed.
  3. You either need to have a connection placed in your home or be willing to have one made) to the gas grid.
  4. You or a household member must receive certain benefits, including Pension Credit, Working Tax Credit, or Universal Credit.
  5. If you fit these requirements, you can qualify for a grant of up to £5,000 to assist with the cost of installing central heating in your house.
  6. A few other requirements for your house are that it must not be situated in an area classified as fuel-poor, have an energy performance certificate (EPC) grade of E, F, or G, or not already have a central free heating system installed.

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What are the Benefits of replacing your boiler’s central heating system?

A new major heating boiler grant can provide several advantages for homes. Here are a few benefits:

Enhanced Comfort

Consistent warmth is provided by central heating, which makes living there comfortable. It gives equal heating distribution by eliminating the need for separate heaters or open flames in various rooms.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient design of contemporary central heating systems leads to decreased energy usage and heating costs. With the aid of the grant, households may switch to more cost-effective heating systems, such as condensing boilers, which can drastically cut down on energy waste and save money over time.

An increase in the value of the property

Installing a central heating system may raise the value of a house since it is regarded as a desired feature. This can be advantageous if homeowners want to sell their property in the future.

Safety And Health

Since heating systems do not include the dangers of portable heaters or open flames. They are often safer than other heating techniques. By lowering moisture and condensation, they also increase the quality of the air, which is beneficial for respiratory health.

Claim your Free Central Heating Grant Today in Scotland, Wales, UK

Contact our energy supplier or a certified installer for additional information. If you want to apply for the new heating system or other energy-saving programs. Free Boiler Grant can help you choose the most energy-efficient improvements for your house and offer advice and direction on the requirements for eligibility and the application procedure.


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