Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement in UK: Complete Guide

Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement in UK: Complete Guide

Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement in UK: Complete Guide

Do you frequently hear the word “condensing boiler,” but are confused about what it means? You’ve come to the correct place to find out, then! After speaking with a heating specialist at Free Boiler Grants. A condensing boiler could be a good fit for your house. This blog will cover what a condensing boiler is, how it works, and what is the different between Condensing And Non- Condensing Boiler!

Grant For ECO4 Non-Condensing Boilers

The Eco4 Grant is a government program designed to assist landlords and homeowners in increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. A non-condensing boiler replacement with a more effective condensing boiler, often installed before 2005, is one way the grant might be used.
Condensing boilers are meant to use less energy than non-condensing boilers. The heat that non-condensing boilers release into the atmosphere as waste gases are captured and recycled by condensing boilers. Consequently, they become more efficient, which may aid homeowners in paying less for energy.
It makes sense to replace outdated non-condensing boilers with condensing boilers under free non-condensing replacement grants in order to improve energy efficiency and decrease heating costs.

What Is A Condensing Boiler And How Does It Work?

A condensing boiler captures and reuses the heat that is frequently wasted in the waste gases produced during combustion. It achieves this by employing a secondary heat exchanger to condense water vapor from the waste gases. Producing extra heat that may be utilized to warm water for your house.
However, they could require special venting in addition to a drain for the condensate produced during operation. After speaking with a heating specialist at Free Boiler Grants. A condensing boiler could be a good fit for your house.

What Is The Difference Between Condensing And Non- Condensing Boilers ?

Both condensing and non-condensing boilers burn fuel, such as gas. But the main difference is that condensing boilers have an energy efficiency of up to 99%. In contrast, non-condensing boilers only have an efficiency of up to 78%. As a result, condensing boilers can help UK homeowners save their annual gas costs by up to £310 while simultaneously lowering their household’s emissions.

How Do I Know If My Boiler Is Condensing?

Boilers typically last between 10 and 15 years.

Check when it is installed

Therefore, you still have a non-condensing boiler if your boiler was installed before 2005. If this is the case, upgrading to a more efficient condensing boiler is definitely in order. As you may be losing £300 a year.

Examine your flue

Your home’s flue will be placed outdoors, emerging from a roof or external wall. Your boiler is probably a non-condensing boiler if it has a metal flue.

Verify the drain pipe

You have a condensing boiler if you can see steam coming from your chimney and there is a white plastic line going to the drain. Send us a full-view photo of your boiler via WhatsApp or email if you’re unsure if it’s a non-condensing boiler or not. We’ll let you know.

Energy Bills: Save Money

Your annual fuel cost savings with room-in-roof insulation might range from £500 to £600, depending on the size of your house. Certain properties qualify for grant funding, which will pay the whole installation cost. Make sure to check your eligibility.

How Do You Pick The Condensing Boiler That Is Right For You?

When changing to a new boiling system, there are several things to take into account. For instance, while choosing a boiler for your home, you should take into account the size of the house, the kind of boiler, the cost, the output size, and the fuel type.
For you to make your choice, our Free Boiler Grants experts provided information on boiler manufacturers. And the many types of boilers (electric combi boilers, gas combi boilers, oil combi boilers, wood-pellet boilers, etc.) available in the UK.

Non-condensing boiler Replacement Across UK

Homeowners in England, Scotland, and Wales may use the Eco4 Grant to pay for the installation of a new condensing boiler. A household member must receive low-income-related benefits. And the property must have an EPC rating of band E or be eligible for the grant.
The Eco4 Grant might be a fantastic chance to switch from a non-condensing boiler to a condensing boiler if you’re thinking about doing so. A more inexpensive and simple way to enjoy the advantages of an energy-efficient.Eenvironmentally friendly heating system is to use the grant to assist in funding the cost of the installation.


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