Understanding Boiler Removal Grants: A Step-by-Step Guide

Understanding Boiler Removal Grants: A Step-by-Step Guide

Back boilers are difficult to repair since they are no longer produced and are typically located behind fireplaces or attached to stoves in older homes. These boilers are ineffective and cannot provide a household’s whole heating requirement; as a result, an additional electrical device is needed, which raises the cost of energy bills. 

Back Boiler Replacement Grant under Eco4 Scheme

Energy companies are required by the government’s ECO (Energy Company Obligation) program to offer financial assistance to qualified homes in order to ensure energy efficiency. This program assists landlords in obtaining funds for boiler replacement, which fully cover the costs. By making their houses energy-efficient, these firms assist households that are susceptible to fuel poverty in an effective manner.

According to the UK Government’s ECO4 Scheme, they are also inefficient, which is why back boiler replacement grants are available to replace outdated boilers. Under a back boiler replacement grant, outdated back boilers can be swapped out for an A-rated combination boiler that provides increased efficiency and can save up to £300 annually on heating expenses. With the help of this boiler grant, property owners may replace their outdated, inefficient back boilers with modern, more energy-efficient models.

How do back boilers Work?

Back boilers consist of a metal heat exchanger encircling a water-filled chamber that comes into contact with hot gases emitted from the stove or fireplace. The heat is transported from these hot gases to the heat exchanger and then to the water in the chamber. The heated water travels through pipes before arriving at the underfloor heating system or radiator.

A closed-loop system is created when the cooled water is transferred back to the rear boiler for heating. Certain rear boilers have an additional coil or immersion heater that is used to heat water in a separate tank for household use. It assists in supplying hot water for cleaning and bathing.

Why Install New A rated Boilers?

The advantages listed below show why installing an A-rated boiler is a wise decision:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Increased worth of the property.
  • Lower emissions of carbon.
  • reduced repair expenses due to less chances of a breakdown.
  • enhanced energy performance certificate (EPC) rating for the property.

What are The Back Boiler Removal Grant Requirements?

To get back boiler removal grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Own a property
  • Annual income of less than £31,000.
  • Low EPC (E, F, or G) rating for the property.
  • Receiving any welfare or income-related benefit.

We at Free Boiler Grants assist homeowners in determining if they qualify for a grant for the replacement of a back boiler by evaluating their homes and identifying the ideal boiler conversion option. We take care of every step and procedure necessary to finish the grant application on your behalf, assisting you in receiving the boiler funding.

How to Apply for a Back Boiler Removal Grant in the UK?

Take these easy steps to get a back boiler removal and boiler upgrade.

Check your eligibility and submit an application by using our free grant checker. Our network consists of certified installers with contracts with all the main energy suppliers. To speed up the application process, send pictures of your back boiler. The registered installer will call you; take the call and address any queries they may have.

Our certified installer will schedule the removal of your back boiler and installation of your new heating system if your home qualifies. After they’re done, you’ll receive all guarantees and warranties in addition to a new A-rated heating system and less energy costs.

Reasons why replace your boiler with a new boiler?

You need to make sure that your boiler is working as effectively as possible. Because the heating in your home accounts for almost half of your energy expenses. The following are the top five advantages of switching to a new A-rated condensing boiler from an outdated, inefficient non-condensing boiler:

  1. Boilers with an A rating can significantly raise the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. Consequently, the value of your house.
  2. Compared to older, inefficient types, new A-rated boilers are far less likely to experience expensive breakdowns.
  3. Modern heating controls may be integrated with A-rated boilers to enable more intelligent energy use. 
  4. Compared to earlier central heating systems, A-rated boilers emit significantly less carbon dioxide. Which lowers the carbon footprint of your house.
  5. Modern A-rated boilers are incredibly user-friendly, making them simple to use at home or on the move. As a bonus, most of the cost is covered by available eco energy grants.


To sum up, the back boiler removal grant, along with other related eco grants. Like the boiler upgrade with Free Boiler Grants, are important UK government schemes. As they are designed to assist households in replacing their old and inefficient heating boilers with more energy-efficient models.


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