Who Qualifies for the Free Boiler and Heating Grant Scheme?

Who Qualifies for the Free Boiler and Heating Grant Scheme?

Understanding who qualifies for the free boiler and heating grant scheme is essential for homeowners and tenants looking to improve their heating systems without breaking the bank. These eco grants cover the cost of replacing inefficient or faulty boilers and electric storage heaters, as well as installing central heating systems for those who don’t have them. 

But who exactly is eligible for these grants, and how do they work?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the central heating grant scheme is accessible to homeowners and private tenants who receive a qualifying benefit, tax credit, or allowance. This means that individuals who are struggling financially can receive assistance to ensure their homes are adequately heated during the colder months. It’s worth mentioning that these grants do not need to be paid back, providing much-needed relief for those on tight budgets.

However, it’s worth noting that while boiler grants are available to homeowners who receive benefits, landlords and private tenants are no longer eligible for these grants. Instead, they may qualify for help through Free Boiler Grant. It’s important to understand that council or housing association tenants cannot receive assistance through this scheme.

To qualify for a central heating or boiler grant, someone living in the household must receive one of the income-related benefits listed, such as 

Child Tax Credit, 

Housing Benefit, 

Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance, 

Income-Related Employment Support Allowance, 

Income Support, 

Pension Credit Savings Credit, 

Pension Guarantee Credit, 

Universal Credit, 

Working Tax Credit, 

or Child Benefit.

But what types of boilers or heating systems qualify for these grants? 

Generally, boilers rated between C and G, with an efficiency of less than 86%, are eligible for replacement. This typically includes boilers that are over 5 years old, faulty, or inefficient. Additionally, full central heating systems and replacement storage heaters are also covered under the grant scheme. However, it’s important to note that grants are not available for the replacement of radiators alone.

In cases where individuals do not qualify for the heating grant scheme, there are still options available. For instance, they could opt for the Eco4 Scheme, which allows for the installation of a brand-new boiler, central heating system, or storage heaters. This type of finance is paid back using the bill savings from the new system, offering an alternative solution for those who don’t meet the eligibility criteria for grants. 

Additionally, free surveys and boilers can be arranged through approved installers working throughout the UK, providing further assistance to those in need.

Free Boiler Grants plays a crucial role in helping individuals access these grants and financing options. By connecting them with approved installers in their local areas, we ensures that they receive high-quality service and support throughout the process. These installers have access to ECO grant funding and can also assist with Government Eco4 Grant Scheme or finance for those who do not qualify for grants. 

Moreover, all our installers adhere to strict standards of quality, health, safety, and customer care, providing peace of mind to homeowners and tenants alike.


In conclusion, the free boiler and heating grant scheme offers much-needed assistance to homeowners and tenants struggling with inefficient heating systems. By understanding who qualifies for these eco grants and how they work, individuals can take advantage of the available funding to improve their living conditions and reduce their energy costs.

With options such as the Eco4 Grant Scheme available for those who don’t meet the eligibility criteria for grants, there are solutions available to suit everyone’s needs.


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