Who Qualifies for the Government’s Eco Boiler Replacement as a Pensioner?

Who Qualifies for the Government’s Eco Boiler Replacement as a Pensioner?

You are eligible to apply for a boiler grant if you get Pension Credit, own your own property, or rent privately. Don’t panic if you don’t receive Pension Credit; boiler grants are still available to those over 60 who are on Working Tax Credits.

In order to be eligible for an ECO4 boiler upgrade scheme, your house must currently have an inefficient boiler. If your energy-efficient boiler breaks down and is too expensive to fix. You may also be eligible for a boiler replacement or repair at Free Boiler Grant.

Can I Get The Free Boiler Replacement For Pensioners In Devon, UK?

If you are retired and have not yet applied for Pension Credit, there is still chance.
If you are over 60 and live in England, Scotland, or Wales. Also get Working Tax Credits or Universal Credit, you can still be eligible for an eco boiler grant. The whole list of Devon and Cornwall residents who are eligible for the free boiler scheme UK is provided here.
1. Income-based Job seeker’s Allowance (JSA)
2. Income-related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
3. Working Tax Credit (WTC)
4. Child tax credit (CTC)
5. Universal Credit (UC)
6. Housing benefit
7. Pension savings Credit
8. Child benefit

In addition, there are two other qualifying elements for the free boiler grant scheme.
First and foremost, you must be a British homeowner. Second, the age of your boiler must be greater than eight years. This is because purchasing a new boiler is far more expensive than repairing one of the more recent versions. You could be qualified for a government-backed program that provides a free subsidy for an A-rated boiler if any of these three describe you.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Boiler Replacement Grant in Scotland and Wales?

You are eligible to apply for a boiler grant if you satisfy the following requirements:
1 Your boiler is inefficient.
2 Your energy-efficient boiler needs expensive maintenance or replacement.
3 You may be a homeowner, a renter in a privately rented space, or a resident of energy-inefficient social housing.
4 You have been granted Pension Guarantee Credit.
5 Are receiving the Working Tax Credit and are at least 60 years old
6 Lives in Wales, Scotland, or England

Pensioners can apply for a free new boiler

Therefore, you most likely qualify for a free boiler replacement under ECO4 if you’re a homeowner or private renter, get any of the means-tested benefits mentioned above, and have an old, inefficient boiler. There are a few quick actions you should do as part of the application process in order to verify this and begin the process.

As a pensioner, how can I apply for a free boiler?

1. Verify your eligibility

Go to the Free Boiler Grant website’s Eligibility page. There is a form that you may complete there. We will enquire about your location, the state of the heating and insulation in your house. And any government benefits you may be eligible for at the moment.

2. Survey of your home

After that, our ECO4 professional surveyor will pay you a visit to your house to look at problems. With the overall energy efficiency of your house and determine exactly what actions may be taken.

What Happens next after applying for boiler grant?

After you apply, and everything is sorted out, it’s time to make the changes to your home. If you qualify for a new boiler, our professional installer will arrange and do the installation for you. You can start your application on the Free Boiler Grant website whenever you’re ready.

Free Boiler Grant is here to support you in navigating the application process. It also ensures that your home benefits from this energy-efficient initiative. Take the first step towards a warmer, more energy-efficient home today!


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