Why Should You Choose a Combi Boiler Over a Conventional Boiler?

Why Should You Choose a Combi Boiler Over a Conventional Boiler?

Combi boilers, also known as combinations, are actually strong, little machines. They heat water whenever you need it, eliminating the need for a central heating system. Unquestionably, selecting the ideal boiler is essential for meeting your home’s hot water and heating demands. In the UK, combinations are therefore a common choice. They don’t have a separate tank, but they nevertheless provide you instantaneous hot water. They’re also perfect for little houses with limited hot water requirements. Next, you may use free boiler grants to replace the traditional boiler with a combi boiler at no cost.

However, normal or conventional boilers operate in a different way. These have a hot water cylinder (normally in the airing closet) and a cold water tank, which are usually found in the attic. Large families’ demands are best served by conventional boilers.

Did the differences between conventional and combo confuse you? So, in order to make an informed choice, you need to consider factors like your home’s size, performance, cost, efficiency, storage, and space.

Combi Boiler Features

Your house is kept cosy and toasty by these boilers. They do quality work while operating within their technological capabilities. When you turn on a tap, a combination boiler boils water directly from the mains. It saves space and is perfect for tiny houses that can’t accommodate a water cylinder. Additionally, it keeps the water pressure strong, especially in high-traffic areas like the shower. Furthermore, this machine may run on gas or electricity, the most popular options being LPG or natural gas.  So, are you interested in switching to a combi boiler from a conventional boiler?

Features of a Conventional Boiler

A typical boiler, also known as a normal boiler, has a cold water tank and a separate hot water cylinder. It heats water by boiling it in its cylinder. In addition, the boiler receives cold water from the tank every day. Its tank is also elevated, frequently found in the attic. It makes an effort to raise water pressure. A cabinet used for airing is used to store hot water.

This boiler is recommended for bigger households with increased hot water usage. Just remember that reheating the cylinder takes time.

What makes a combi boiler different from a conventional boiler?

Combi boilers combine hot water and heating into one convenient appliance. On the other hand, conventional boilers divide the work, having a separate tank and cylinder. Additionally, choosing a combi results in instantaneous heating and hot water. With a traditional one, however, you have to wait while the water reheats. Regular boilers also manage excessive water use well. They are therefore ideal for larger homes with several rooms. Nevertheless, the majority of consumers prefer to use combi boilers in place of traditional boilers.

  • Examined: Costs and Efficiency of Boilers

Consider both now and later while inspecting boilers. High efficiency combi boilers with an A rating may achieve 90–94%. outdated systems? just 55% of central heating’s potential.

In actuality, more efficiency translates into higher savings. Boilers that are more efficient do, in fact, produce more heat. You can lower your heating costs as a consequence. Moreover, choosing an efficient boiler involves more considerations than just cost. Eco-friendliness is another aspect of it.

  • Water Pressure and Flow

Examine how these two types of boilers manage shifting pressure requirements and hot water. Direct mains pressure is used with combi boilers. Thus, they work well for powerful showers. They’re also ideal for solitary bathrooms. But be aware that they can find it difficult to tap more than once.

  1. Mains pressure: Perfect for high-pressure households, easy to use.
  2. Pressure quirks: May drop with repeated tapping; best for single usage.
  3. Low-pressure locations: Pumps enhance flow in places with poor mains pressure. Easy to use: Manages several taps without experiencing pressure decreases.

Conventional boilers, on the other hand, use gravity-fed systems, where a loft tank maintains a constant pressure and supply. Thus, they’re excellent for many bathrooms once more.  

Get a Free Combi or Standard Boiler Right Now.

Free boiler grants are available to those who want to keep their conventional boiler or replace it with a combi boiler. You read correctly. Both private renters and landlords can apply for free boiler subsidies from the UK government. Additionally, we can assist you in obtaining your preferred boiler through a simple process. 

To get started, simply enter your postcode here, and we’ll take care of the rest. So find out if you qualify for the boiler replacement grant right now.


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