Why Should You Consider Non-Condensing Boiler Replacements?

Why Should You Consider Non-Condensing Boiler Replacements?

Getting a new boiler in Scotland, Wales, or England is a lot to think about. One primary consideration at Free Boiler Grant, is whether to choose a condensing or non-condensing boiler. Non-condensing boilers were popular in the past, but the law now requires you to update to condensing boilers.

Furthermore, choosing a condensing boiler has numerous advantages over non-condensing boilers. First, they are significantly more efficient. They can be up to 99% efficient, although non-condensing models are typically about 78%. There are also some more amazing bonuses! Replacing your old non-condensing boiler with a contemporary condensing boiler could significantly impact yours.

Difference between condensing And Non-condensing Boilers

There are two types of gas boilers: condensing and non-condensing. Non-condensing boilers are often older, whereas condensing boilers are more modern and widespread in households. So, the most significant distinction between them is how they utilize the steam they generate.

When a boiler consumes fuel, it produces steam, which contains heat. Noncondensing On: On the other hand, non-condensing boilers do not use all of the steam they generate, so they do not use all the heat produced.

In contrast, condensing models do not waste heat. They use practically everything to ensure your home is as warm as possible.

How Do Non-condensing Boilers Work?

Non-condensing boilers operate straightforwardly. Initially, fuel such as petrol, oil, or biomass is burned in the combustion chamber, generating heat. Second, the heat is transferred to the water, which passes via the boiler’s primary heat exchanger. The hot water is now directed to the radiators or underfloor heating system, warming your home.

The Disadvantages Of Non-condensing Boilers

Lower efficiency: Non-condensing boilers are less efficient than condensing boilers. This suggests they’re using more petrol. As a result, your energy expenses may increase.

Environmental Impact: When these boilers emit flue gases into the atmosphere, they contribute to pollution. This involves increased carbon dioxide and other dangerous pollutants.

Limited Heat Recovery: These devices do not recover heat from flue gases. As a result, they waste energy, which is terrible for the environment and your budget.

What Is A Condensing Boiler?

Condensing boilers operate differently from their non-condensing equivalents. While earlier boilers waste a lot of heat, condensing boilers are highly efficient, sometimes reaching up to 99%! In this boiler, heat from flue gases (the gases that exit the boiler) can be caught and reused. This heat is utilized to reheat the cold water fed into the boiler. As a result, the temperature of the flue gas rapidly reduces from 130℃ to 50℃.

Because they reuse previously generated heat, these boilers can help you save money on your energy bills. They also benefit the environment by emitting less CO2, which helps to combat climate change.

Installing a Non-condensing boiler is illegal.

The primary reason for replacing a non-condensing boiler is that installing it in new homes throughout the UK is now illegal. So, as a good citizen, you should follow the law and avoid putting this boiler on your property. Reduce heating expenditures.

Safety Measurements

Safety is incredibly crucial! Condensing boilers are far safer than older ones. They are firmly sealed; thus, heat is better retained. Furthermore, they are less prone to allow dirt or debris inside. Next, they have a specialized pipe that transports waste liquid outside. So you don’t have to be concerned about dangerous substances being inside your home.

ECO4 Grants for Boiler Replacements

If you wish to replace your non-condensing boiler with a condensing one, the government can help. You may be eligible for a free boiler replacement through the eco4 plan. To qualify, you must also get certain government assistance. Furthermore, your EPC score should be lower than D.

Start Saving On Your Energy Bills With Non-Condensing Boiler Replacements Today

At Free Boiler Grant, we are committed to increasing energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions in homes across the UK. Apply today for a no-obligation, no-cost survey and join the hundreds of homes we’ve previously helped. Upgrade your boiler to ensure a more energy-efficient and cost-effective future.



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